Our mission

Pit Fyfties Design by Dimmy Pat has created many successful collections for other companies. We love great designs, that's why we would like to introduce ourselves to you with our individual and unique designs. We have a touch of crazy creativity in nature. With our symbol, which has a high recognition value, we are ready for an extraordinary online catwalk show.

Our motto is:

Once in a life time

Once in a life time you should have worn our label. We would be delighted if you liked or presented our outfits on various online social media platforms.

Our values

Our values are the inspiration for our daily work. Who does not know this principle.

What we mean by this is the fact of creating openness and transparency for our products and of course always being present for our customers.

  • People: Satisfied customers whom we make happy with our unique products.
  • Passion: Some say fire is within us as a creative individual from birth.
  • Sustainability: It starts with us and ends with us. We see ourselves as fashion minimalists.

Our products

We source our products from different countries, mainly within Europe and of course from Germany. However, we also manufacture Made in Germany. We always choose our products with the greatest care. We also check our products for quality, fairness and sustainability.

Our customers

Our customer base partly goes back to the Stuttgart beginnings of Pit Fyfties. Our former studio has remained loyal customers for years. Our customers love our wonderful, unique and carefully selected products and service.