About us

We are a small creative company. Our job is to set an example with our fashion skills. We want to bring affordable trendy fashion to men, women and children.

Dimmy Pat

is a artist name, a modification of the Hellenic birth name of the creative head Dimitrios Patoulios.

This artist name was created in the fashion school in Stuttgart. This name has accompanied him since then and is also his trademark.

In the self-assessment, Dimmy Pat describes himself as down-to-earth and creative at the same time.

Anyone who buys and wears his fashion appreciates design and quality.

Our story

Pit Fyfties Design since 1989

Dimmy Pat created this label in the summer of 1989 together with his best friend Marco. The trigger was the creation of own creations of objects, furniture and accessories.

The first common name for their own label was PIT & PAT. The name was later changed to "Pit Fiftys".

In memory of Marco {† 1990} Dimmy Pat changed the label to Pit Fyfties Design by Dimmy Pat and created his individual symbol, which still defines his life today.

Once in a life time

From 1990 until today, individual fashion for Dimmy Pat customers has been designed and created under this label.

Formerly from his Stuttgart studio, he is still active today with his own creations. He has always endeavored to dress people with their different characteristics according to their type. The studio in Stuttgart was a formative time.

Pit Fyfties Design by Dimmy Pat gained further practical experience at Westwood Studios in London, children's fashion company Mamamia and the production company Mattschull GmbH.

These collaborations influenced Dimmy Pat so much that to date he has combined a touch of "haute couture", something "playful" with "fast fashion" with his creative thoughts and brings it to his fashion.

Since 2003 Pit Fyfties Design has been working for various well-known labels and mail order companies.

In 2005 Dimmy Pat was present as a fashion agency at the Eurofashion Week Berlin under the following fashion labels:

Pit Fyfties Design by Dimmy Pat, SILKY DOLL, JIM BOB RACE WEAR und Unity of Sound.

Our customers can now find the experience and all knowledge and inspiration of the last few years in our design and fashion products.